The Virtuosa Quartet performs for private affairs such as gala evenings, receptions, and cocktail parties. With our extensive repertoire, we can tailor our performance to suit whatever musical style you choose.


We impart charm to the function rooms of the finest hotels in Paris, contribute to the emotion of wedding ceremonies, and give a festive ambiance to the gardens of private villas, adapting to any musical style or period to create theme-based events of all kinds.


We can add a touch of elegance to the sounds of the music of Vivaldi, Mozart or Strauss by performing in period costumes. Or we can, on our own or accompanied by a DJ, offer your guests a vibrant, off-beat interpretation of your favourite themes from rock and pop hits or film soundtracks.


The Virtuosa Quartet can expand in size, up to a ten-person chamber orchestra, according to your needs.


Write to us with your suggestions, projects or ideas via our contact page.